Summer Camp

We have lots of aerial fun, crafts, and games planned to keep your camper on the move.

  • Aerialists will be divided into age and skill level and be taught on the aerial sling or silk as appropriate.
  • All new aerialists, beginner students, and students taking Sling classes will learn skills on the aerial sling.
  • Current students learning aerial silk will learn aerial sling and/or silk skills. 



  • 9 AM to 12 PM 


  • 6 years to 15 years


  • $125 January 1st-February 14th (Super Early Bird)
  • $175 February 15th- March 15th (Early Bird)
  • $199 Regular Price
  • $45 Day Drop In

Summer Camp Schedule

Friday at Pick-up

Parents, please join us in the studio on Friday at 11:30 AM to allow the aerialists to show off the new skills they have learned.

Here are the details, guidelines, and all the things you need to know:

Dress Code

Campers should wear tight-fitting pants that cover the backs of the knees and a tight-fitting shirt that covers their armpits and midriff while they are hanging upside down. We encourage our aerialists to wear leggings, a leotard, and a t-shirt.

All aerialist’s hair must be up and away from their face. This includes aerialists with short hair. Aerialists with shoulder-length hair or longer need to loop the back of their hair or put it in a bun.

Covid-19 Protocols/ Sicknesses

All campers are expected to wash their hands after entering the building. Any camper who has experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 in the last two weeks or has a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit should not enter the building.

Nut-Free Environment

Aerial Joy is a nut-free facility. We have aerialists in our program that are highly allergic to nuts. Thanks for your understanding.

Arrival Time

Campers will be permitted to enter the building 10 minutes before their start time and are expected to be picked up no later than 10 minutes after their pick-up time. For example, a camper may be dropped off at 8:50 for a start time of 9:00 and picked up at 12:10 with a pick-up time of noon. A charge of $25 will be charged to a camper’s account if they are picked up after 12:10. Parents may request an early drop-off or a late pick-up time for an additional charge.

What to Bring

Campers need to bring a healthy snack and a refillable (non-glass) water bottle. Aerial Joy does not have a refrigerator or microwave for the camper’s use.

Reservation Transfer to Another Week

Seven days before the start of camp, campers may transfer their reservation to another week of camp. A $25 administrative fee will be charged to the camper’s account for every change made.

Cancellation Policy

Campers who become ill or are not able to attend camp should notify Aerial Joy as soon as possible. No make-up, refunds, or exchanges will be warranted for canceling camp once camp has begun or within 6 days before camp. See our cancellation policy for full details.

Aerial Joy Etiquette

Staff and Campers are expected to be kind, respectful, and safe during camp to allow everyone to have an enjoyable camp experience. 

New Student Offer


First 2 Classes

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